Experienced Team

Rockpoint’s co-founders have an average of 31 years of real estate/finance experience and have been investing together for more than 22 years. Rockpoint’s senior investment team has an average of 19 years of real estate/finance experience.

Strategic Approach

Rockpoint focuses on maximizing risk-adjusted returns by employing a fundamental value approach to investing. This involves targeting high-quality, well-located assets with intrinsic long-term value.

Extensive Relationships

Given the experience of the Rockpoint team, Rockpoint has and continues to build broad-based, substantive industry relationships with operating partners, advisors, agents, lenders, investors and corporate/institutional owners of real estate.

Compelling Investment Opportunities

Rockpoint believes that it has a reputation for integrity, reliability, creative problem-solving and performing under limited time constraints. This reputation, combined with the continuity and longevity of its relationships, is expected to continue to generate attractive and often proprietary investment opportunities.

Investment Discipline

Rockpoint believes that it has a measured and disciplined approach to investment decision making, which takes into consideration broad macroeconomic trends in addition to market- and asset-specific factors. Rockpoint will not make an investment unless it has conviction that the investment has the potential to generate strong risk-adjusted returns.

Asset Management

Rockpoint maintains a proactive focus on maximizing cash flow through active asset management, including management of operating expenses, implementation of appropriate capital expenditure programs, repositioning under-utilized assets, and re-leasing vacant space as well as other revenue enhancement initiatives.

Proper Alignment of Interests

Rockpoint is a privately-held company which makes meaningful co-investment equity contributions alongside its investors. Rockpoint also structures senior professionals’ compensation to be reliant on the successful performance of the Rockpoint Funds.

Institutional Risk Management, Compliance and Client Service

Rockpoint is a Registered Investment Adviser and has dedicated and experienced professionals who focus on accounting and financial reporting as well as compliance, risk and liability management.