Ron J. Hoyl, Principal and General Counsel
Ron Hoyl is the General Counsel for Rockpoint, focusing on legal, risk management and compliance matters for the company. Mr. Hoyl is based in Rockpoint’s Dallas office. Prior to joining Rockpoint, Mr. Hoyl was General Counsel for The Milestone Group for two years. Prior to joining The Milestone Group, Mr. Hoyl spent seven years as Associate General Counsel for Olympus Real Estate Partners. Mr. Hoyl began his career at the law firm of Liddell, Sapp and Zivley, now known as Locke Lord Edwards LLP. Mr. Hoyl spent almost 10 years at Liddell, Sapp and Zivley during which time he became a partner in the real estate section. Mr. Hoyl received a B.B.A. from the University of Texas at Austin in 1985 and a J.D. from Texas Tech University School of Law in 1988.